Sun Tarot

Our Changing Skies – Jan 15

Always active Mars is on the move again this week shifting signs into Pisces and about to go conjunct with Neptune, throwing its assertive to aggressive energy into an already challenging square with Saturn and opposition to Lilith.  This transit will add a jolt of frenetic energy to relationships involving one or more unstable partners or to those relationships with insufficient common ground and/or weak foundations.  This is certainly a challenging energy to greet a new year with, however on the positive it can serve to shake us out of our denial-based comfortable but not so comfortable ‘I don’t want to deal with stuff’ zone and  it affords us good opportunity to practice spiritual principles of patience, compassion and tolerance in our life while to examining our own character faults and defects.  If you are in a relationship that is troubled you are probably feeling very dissatisfied and agitated with your partner right now.  And if you are not in a relationship right now you are likely feeling very dissatisfied because you are not in a relationship, however be careful what you wish for comes to mind, at least right now, for being in a bad relationship is not better than being in no relationship at all.  In either case it is important to not do anything rash this week or next week.  One always wants to do one’s best to be sure one is making a choice for the right reasons and not simply as a reaction to a provocation experienced during a negative to hostile energy cycle.  Be calm and take heart though, relief is on the way as energies will begin to ease up towards the last week of the month as Mars pulls away from Neptune and makes ready to sidle up to Chiron the Healer, setting up more harmonious conditions for experiencing healthy growth and/or making healthy decisions regarding the future.  This current Mars transit will have a more pronounced effect on the relationships of those with either their Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars in the first decan (ten degrees) of Pisces or in the last decan of Virgo.  The challenge with Mars is to make sure we are being proactive in our life rather than merely being reactive.  Mars is always the spark, what care we take in the directing of the energy it produces is up to us.  DdlM



Fortune Cookie – Jan 15

Cracked open fortune cookie with blank fortune

Jan. 14 – Capricorn Three

tarot-pentacles-10The Sun is at 23 degrees of Capricorn today and thus it is deep in the third decan of the sign, further to that it is also in the final Earth Element decan of the Zodiac Wheel.  If we follow the progress of the Minor Arcana Earth Element suit of Pentacles beginning with the two in the first decan of Taurus early in the spring we see that we are now at the 10 of Pentacles.  Beyond the meeting of our basic needs to sustain and maintain our life the Element of Earth is about the creating of long-term stability and security in our life. The 10 of Pentacles is a card of commitment and prosperity and thus after the excitement of the Festive Season and the New Year has passed the Tarot compels us to get past whatever residual calorie regrets we may have, whatever Holiday hangover embarrassments may still be causing us to cringe and whatever buyer’s remorse due to overspending we may harbor and instead shift our focus toward the future in a very pragmatic way – what ambitions have we for our self in life, and what steps are we going to take in the coming weeks to make those ambitions manifest in our life?  Be it relative to love, career or personal development  and growth the 10 of Pentacles tells us that every legacy begins with an ambition, a goal, and that with perspective, drive, focus and hard work our dreams and desires can be made real.  DdlM